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Fine grapes from around the world

Whether you want an aromatic wine for a fine menu, a sparkling aperitif or simply indulgence – our selection of wines and spirits holds the right drop for every taste and every occasion. Even wine enthusiasts are bound to discover something new.

With attention to detail

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The wine cellar in the basement of Forsthaus Heiligenberg has a wide selection of red and white wines from home and abroad to offer. We share the passion for good wine with our guests and are happy to provide you with more information on growing regions and other details. Interesting wine makers visit us a couple of times a year to share their expertise. Our culinary wine tastings offer our guests the chance to experience the harmonious blend of fine foods and corresponding wines.

We are always happy to recommend a wine to go with your menu. Or you can experience the variety and harmony of wines and food with our degustation menu.

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Our drink menu not only holds a variety of wines of the highest quality, but also a large selection of digestive spirits: fruity brandies, soft grappa, full-flavoured gin or smoky whiskey – everyone will find a nice nightcap. As we put the same love into our selection of non-alcoholic drinks it is just as popular – enjoy sparkling lemonade or fruity spritzers from the region.