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Fine cuisine with attention to detail

Guests at Forsthaus Heiligenberg enjoy our varied range of delicacies every day: whether you after a big breakfast buffet, a creative lunch menu, sweet coffee pleasure or an exclusive evening menu. All of our dishes are dressed with passion and great attention to detail.

Modernity combined with an honest character

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We want to bring the diversity and quality of the region to your plate. That is why we prefer regional products to prepare our dishes and according to the season, offer special menus with seasonal delicacies. Tradition and consistency are just as important to us as being open to new influences when striving to make good food. The humble creations by our kitchen chef combine both of these qualities.

We offer liqueurs and syrups (from quince or elderberry for example) from our own production in our restaurant. The apple juice we press ourselves made from apples from the Heiligenberg is especially popular.

Our lunch and evening menus give you an impression of the way in which we like to vary what is on offer for you. According to the season we like to include seasonal specialties from the region into our planning, you can find these dishes in our seasonal menu. We believe contemporary and creative cuisine means taking individual wishes and new developments into account. That is why our menu always includes vegan dishes.