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Responsibility for the region

Our region provides foodstuffs of highest quality every day that open up many possibilities for our demanding cuisine. Because we feel responsible for the region, our daily duty is to always hold man and nature in highest regard.

Appreciation of our nature and its resources

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We want to approach the rich nature surrounding us with appreciation and care and be prudent in our use with them. That is the only way to use resources and maintain the surrounding landscapes at the same time. We understand this to be the main value when going about our daily work and interacting with those surrounding us.

We prefer to get the ingredients for the varied creations from our kitchen from producers from the region, from hunters, butchers or farmers that we trust – partly from biological agriculture.

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We give great importance to the freshness and quality of the products we use when preparing our dishes. Our own herb and vegetable garden offers our head chef a lot of tasty things to choose from.

We understand eating as indulgence with responsibility, which is why we are always happy to take your personal wishes or possible intolerances into account. Please just let us know.