Made with love

We take great care in making fresh food by using products of high quality and good origin. A lot of the products are bought from butchers, farmers and hunters we trust and whenever possible directly from our region. A lot of the foods are products of biological agriculture.

Our partners in good taste

A lot of partnerships have been trusting and efficient relationships for many years. If you like, we are happy to give more detailed information on our partners and the origin of our foods. Please just let us know.

Forellenhof Schmitz
Heiligenberg and Weseloh l Trout and eel

Schlachterei Becker
Bruchhausen-Vilsen l Home-made sausage
specialties and individual production of cold meats

Venison from hunters from nearby territories
Contact person: Heinz Roessler or
Fam. Stratmann, Bruchhausen-Vilsen

True Wilderness
Dry Aged Beef, Bosel, Cloppenburg

Molkerei Grafschaft Hoya
Asendorf l Milk and milk products

Hof Bünkemühle
Family Derboven, Warpe l Cheese

Wasserbüffelhof Warpe
Dr. med. vet. Mia Fiedler l Cheese

Jörn und Liselotte Stubbemann
Martfeld l Cheese specialties

Marko Seibold
Henstedt l Vegetable and field fruits specialties as well as herbs

Familie Ringhandt
Dörverden l Assorted vegetables

Hof Mysegardes 
Riethausen l Potatoes

Hof Hertz-Kleptow
Osterholz-Scharmbeck l Farmers garden, pumpkins

Früchtehof Schindler
Asparagus & blueberries

Hof Wichmann
Bassum-Bramstedt l Strawberries and raspberries

Werner Grafe
Süstedt l Keeper of laying hens, eggs

Bäckerei Müller
Bruchhausen-Vilsen l Bread and rolls

Bäckerei Kornau
Bruchhausen-Vilsen l Sweet pastries

Bäcker Gaues
Isernhagen l Bread specialties

Imkerei Peter Killen
Asendorf l Honey

Hof Bockhop
Graue l Jams, gels and syrups

Leman Feinkost
Eystrup l Assorted mustards

Nienburg l Eichenhoeltzer Bitter

„Piekfeine Braende“
of Birgitta Rust, Bremen l Assorted destillates

Sulingen l Bullenschluck

Hans Turner GmbH
Stuhr l Mackenstedter distillery

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