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Wind down and relax

Forget the fast pace of everyday life, gather yourself and replenish your energy – closeness to nature and originality make you quickly feel relaxed in Forsthaus Heiligenberg’s wellness area. Let your thoughts go and enjoy peace and active relaxation with one of our wellness treatments.


While relaxing in the sauna, our immune system prepares for new challenges.

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Giving your body new stimuli once in a while makes perform even better, this is also true for using the sauna. Continued and controlled transpiration stimulates your cardiovascular system, which strengthens your immune system sustainably.

Our Finnish sauna gives you an original sauna experiences with temperatures between 80°C and 100°C and a humidity of about 10 per cent. Our bio sauna has a lower temperature between 45°C and 65 °C but a higher humidity between 30 and 35 per cent. That makes this type of sauna suitable for people not used to such temperatures or those that generally don’t like the typical sauna heat. Our bio sauna is complemented by our soothing light, steam and aroma therapy. This helps you relax all your senses.


Treading water in fresh springs improves blood circulation and prevents vascular problems.

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Only a short distance from the Forsthaus you can find the natural springs of the river Eyter, which offer ideal conditions for so called Kneipp baths. Treading water according to Sebastian Kneipp is not only refreshing because of the cool water, it also has a healthy healing effect. Exercise in cool water helps your blood circulation and stimulates your cardiovascular system, similar to the sauna. Regular Kneipp baths can therefore prevent varicosities and other vascular problems. Water treading is also successfully used to treat migraine and it strengthens your immune system.


Experience relaxation and comfort with a massage

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Massages are a treat for body and soul. They help us forget the everyday hassle. Different kneading, stroking and tapping techniques have numerous effects on our body. Skilled massages ease tensed muscles and improve blood circulation. In addition they help your metabolism and lymph flow. Comforting techniques also facilitate the release of endorphins, reduce stress and encourage your body’s self-healing properties. Pleasant aromatic scents work to relax you even more. We have a professionally performed massage on offer in our wellness area, applied by trained personnel. Enjoy the moments of silence and let yourself be pampered.

We will happily create an individual wellness program for your stay with a feel-good massage and a light dinner, for example. Just let us know.