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Hosts with tradition

Utmost convenience, a personal atmosphere and untouched nature – that is what makes our Forsthaus Heiligenberg so special. As a star hotel our aim is to give our guests a memorable stay, no matter if it is for a business conference, a romantic weekend for two or a family holiday.

At home in the region

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Hotel Forsthaus Heiligenberg combines family tradition and regional history. The Bruening family have owned the hotel since 1998 and have continually strived to plan and develop it with great care for the natural surroundings and the historical grounds. The Forsthaus has its name from a religious order called Praemonstratenserstift Heiligenberg based here in the middle ages.

That is why Heiligenberg was always known to attract visitors and guests from afar. The monastery, founded by the Praemonstratenser order in 1218, was a popular destination for pilgrims. Many years later, during the second half of the 17th century, the dukes of Braunschweig-Lueneburg brought courtly splendours to Heiligenberg when they hosted their hunting parties and meetings here. The foundation for today’s restaurant was laid in 1794 as a forester living on the premises was granted a pub license.

Traditional quality
– a place to relax for more than 200 years

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Since the 1960s Forsthaus Heiligenberg has become a well-known and appraised place in the county of Diepholz. After being taken over by the Bruening family in 1998, it only took till 1999 to establish a hotel business.

Today, Forsthaus Heiligenberg is a popular holiday location as it is close to Bremen and Hannover while the natural surroundings attract guests of all ages. Today the combination of tradition, modernity and the nature experience make our hotel a special place. Every day anew we look forward to welcoming and looking after our guests.

It runs in the family

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Whoever comes to the Forsthaus should feel at home – only better – that is our aim. We think that a personal touch in dealing with our guests is very important and that is exactly what a lot of our guests hold in high regard, which is why they come back again and again.

One of the reasons might be our unusual hotel management team as mother Adelheid and daughter Juliane run Forsthaus Heiligenberg together. As a strong team the two entrepreneurs run the hotel with a lot of passion, care and attention to detail.

To be able to sustain that, it is essential to have a clear image of the values of Forsthaus Heiligenberg and to nurture a culture of openness inside the business. The management benefits from a committed and reliable team every day making sure that kids and grown-ups feel at home at Forsthaus Heiligenberg.

In good company – for horse lovers

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In the Forsthaus Heiligenberg horse owners and fans of equestrian sports have an ideal starting point for activities in the land of horses Lower-Saxony: tournament and auction venues in Hamburg, Bremen, Hannover, Vechta or Verden are near by, while experts like to gather for discussions at Forsthaus Heiligenberg.